2016 Shanghai International Eco Building Smart and Comfort System Technology Product Expo

2016 Shanghai International Eco Building Smart and Comfort System Technology Product Expo

  • Date:2016/07/05-2016/07/07
  • Period:Annual
  • Address:China (Mainland)  Shanghai  shanghai
  • Exhibition hall:Shanghai New International Expo Center
  • Pavilion area:150,000 sqm
  • Exhibition Scale:120,000
  • Organizer:China Association of Building Energy Efficiency (CABEE)

Exhibition introduction

In order to comply with the market demands on “comfort, smart, energy-saving” for human living environment, Shanghai Int’l Eco Building Smart Comfort System Technology and Product Expo, as the important parts of ESBUILD, takes full advantage of event resources, cooperate with China Architecture and Energy Saving Association and other authorized medias, to build the overall solution platform for brand exhibiting, industrial interaction, professional procurement and policy support.

Shanghai Eco Building Smart Comfort System Technology and Product Expo covers HVAC new energy, indoor ventilation air purification, smart home, building water supply and drainage, diatom mud five pavilions, exhibiting comprehensive products, gathering buyers, agents, technique and insiders together into this premium event.

Concurrent Fair

As the only one trade show focuses on “Overall solution for eco build” ESBUILD had became the unique event joint eco building smart comfort systems, building energy efficiency and new building materials, building structure energy-saving technologies, green building materials, decoration and design together, which based in Shanghai and will play the role for professional procurement, technique interaction, and marketing development in China East. It comprehensively promote eco building technology industrialization latest initial results, reflects national ecological civilization construction.

2016 Shanghai International Eco Building Smart and Comfort System Technology Product


1. Intelligent Comfort Systems Integration Pavilion:

Central Air Conditioning System, Central Heating System, Central Air System, The Central Dust Removal System, The Central Water Treatment System, The Central Hot Water System, Solar Energy, Intelligent Home Systems.

2. HVAC heating, water supply and drainage galleries:

Heating, Boilers and Heat Technology Products, Storage-Type Electric Heating Equipment, Hot Water and Heating Equipment, Switching Equipment and Supporting Material,HVAC heating, water supply and drainage galleries building water supply systems, building drainage systems, building drinking systems, drainage layer and rainwater utilization, new ewer and other various ancillary facilities;

3. Construction Of a New Energy Pavilion:

Solar Water Heating Systems, Solar Photo Voltaic Products, Solar Thermal Products, Wind Power and Solar Photo Voltaic Power Generation Systems Utilizing Complementary Technologies And Equipment; Solar Exterior Wall and Roof Components, Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Water Source Heat Pump, Air-Conditioning Heat Pump Water Heaters, Heat Pump Water Heaters.

4. The Indoor Ventilation Air Purification Pavilion:

Environmental Control, Purification Treatment, Functional Materials, Testing Equipment, Clean Technology, Air Cleaning, and Scientific Research and So On.

5. Diatom Mud Pavilion:

Diatom Mud Products and The Corresponding Technical Equipment, and Other Related Auxiliary.

6. Intelligent Control Systems Pavilion

Building Automation Systems, Intelligent Home and Community Management Systems, Building Electrical Systems, Integrated Wiring Systems, Security Access Control Systems, Audio Video Systems, Intelligent Shade Systems Heating Control Systems, Central Air-Conditioning Control System, The New Air Control and Air Purification Control System.

7. Intelligent Lighting System Pavilion:

Smart Lighting Technology And Products, and Related Auxiliary Equipment.

8. Intelligent Energy-Saving Technology Comfort Systems Pavilion:

Building Energy Management Systems, High Efficiency Heat Pumps, Energy Efficiency Sub-Metering System, Residual Heat And Cold Recovery Technology, Energy-Efficient Cooling Systems, Building Energy-Saving Devices Technology, LED Architectural Lighting Energy-Saving Technologies And Products.

2016 Shanghai International Eco Building Smart


ESBUILD SCS Expo is unprecedented and had great positive influence on the industry, which totally attracted 1100 exhibitors from China Mainland, China Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Britain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, Korea, Canada, Malaysia, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy and other countries and regions, including 888 domestic exhibitors and 212 oversea exhibitors. Famous brands like DAIKIN, AO SMITHS, HONEYWELL, AMBITIOUS SPACE PRODUCTS, RANSJO, VORTEX, BOLE, CHINT, FUSEWINS, SK TELECOM, US AIR, SAIFI, SILVER, SIX STARS, HAYDN, CITY PURE, YAKE FEI, YANG'S SPIRIT, PEAK, TONGFANG,HUHE、OTT、GOODMAN、NUOYAJU、NUANKANG KAIDEFU、BOTAO、HEJIANUAN.

With totally visitors of 101250, including 8% oversea visitors, the event attracted not only practitioners from green building envelope technology, but numerous of real estate developer, construction unit, designer, construction unit, government and related management department, related R&D institution, property, buyers and dealers.

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