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Copeland Compressor-350-250

Nestled in the east part of Asia continent and west bank of Pacific Ocean, China is a large country with the territory of 9.6 million square kilometers. The coastline in mainland China stretches 18000 kilometers and its oceanic area covers 4.73 million square kilometers, which offers the captivating seascape of China. China is also a multinational country with 56 ethnic minorities, each of which has its own characteristic customs and traditions. China is also endowed with diversified terrain, where mountain, plateau and basins are all available. It is the rich terrains that create the varied landscapes in China. China is also a great country with time-honored history and profound culture, where numerous historical sites and culture relics are offered.

China is a vast country with rich tourism resource. China is one of four civilized ancient countries so many historical and cultural sites are left behind like Great Wall, Terra Cotta Army, Forbidden City, ancient towns and so on. As its latitude spans about 50 degrees, China ranges from tropical zone in the far south to subarctic zone in the far north which offers different natural views like white sand beaches in Hainan Island and beautiful and unique rime in northeast China. Owing to its history and natural landscape, China has a quantity of spots to offer:spectacular scenery, exotic culture, and the buzz of activities, etc.